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Typeface for the Dutch Government

The vertical blue ribbon with Royal arms and Rijksoverheid Serif forming the graphic identity of the Governmental organisations.
One typographical voice for the Dutch Government.

Serif and Sans fonts

From February until September 2008 I worked on the design of two typefamilies for the Dutch Government.
Studio Dumbar is commissioned to deliver the design for the Dutch Government and its organisations.
Together with Studio Dumbar the concept of two typefaces was created.
1. A Seriffed typeface for texts and logo's: Rijksoverheid Serif.
2. A Sans Serif typeface for headlines: Rijksoverheid Sans.

From the start of the project the working results could be easily tested in different applications before definitively being implemented.

In use since September 2008

Ourtype delivered the Serif fonts.
The Sans fonts were delivered by myself. With assistance of Just van Rossum the Sans fonts could be completed on time.

Update in 2009

Because the font is being used as a vehicle for a broad range of information some requests arose to expand the charater set of the fonts. Also broadening the scope of the Sans typeface was a request.

Greek glyphs
The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) needed a set of Greek glyphs for all the existing weights.

Sans Text
There is a need for a text version of the Sans.
When a text is set using the original Sans (now Heading) the type looks too thin and spaced too tight. So the Sans had to be reworked to get the right weight and spacing for text use. Also many details had to be redrawn to get the best result in the smaller sizes.

See examples.

Letterrijk book

Cover of the specimen book.

Presenting the type family for the new Governmental corporate Identity.

Special Collections

I donated the physical work (sketches, working drawings, prints) of the Governmental typeface to the Special Collections of the Amsterdam University Library.

More info: Special Collections UvA


Project 1 Logo operation

Video about the operation of the new Visual Identity on the site of 1 Logo. The directive organisation behind the big corporate design operation of the Dutch Government.

Design manual

Corporate design manual for the Dutch Governmental organisations.