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Letterrijk type specimen

Text written by Mathieu Lommen.
Liza Enebeis and Floris Schrama of Studio Dumbar designed the specimen of the two typefaces for the Dutch Government.
Photography by Bettina Neumann.
Distribution by De Buitenkant Publishers.
Order it at Nijhof and Lee bookstore.

Cover of Letterrijk.

Cover with poster

Folded around the cover a poster with two sides.
On the font the word 'overheid'. Eight letters, each set in one of the eight fonts.
At the back sayings about type design by eight Dutch type designers.

Poster front.
Poster back.
Detail back of poster.
Selection of spreads from the book.

Special Collections

I donated the physical work (sketches, working drawings, prints) of the Governmental typeface to the Special Collections of the Amsterdam University Library.

More info: Special Collections UvA


Project 1 Logo

Site of 1 Logo. The directive organisation behind the big corporate design operation of the Dutch Government.

Design manual

Corporate design manual for the Dutch Governmental organisations.