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FF Newberlin

Released in 1991 as part of the first FontFont series together with fonts from other Dutch designers: Martin Majoor (FF Scala), Just van Rossum (FF Justlefthand and FF Brokenscript, Erik van Blokland (FF Erikrighthand) and Max Kisman (FF Vortex, Cutout, Rosetta, Scratch and Network).

I started working on my first digital font in 1989 at Banks & Miles in London during lunch breaks. Friend and collegue Just van Rossum was working at Meta Design in Berlin. I sent him some samples and was invited via Just to release this font at FontShop International. The name came into existence because at the time the Berlin Wall came down (November 9, 1989) and a New Berlin came in to existence.
Newberlin exists in two weights: Regular and a Bold. Both two weights have a rough version. These rough versions were created by Just van Rossum using Photoshop (distortion filter) and Streamline.

Newberlin is mainly used for display purposes.

Rough cut version.
Short overview of the available fonts.
Construction of the letters using only corner points.
First and only manual design sketch.
The place you can get FF Newberlin.

In Use

Get The Picture.
Rocky Road storebag.
Typeface used for the Ozu DVD Collection.
Packaging joint paper.