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FF Sheriff

Economic workhorse typeface

Released in 1996. The first drawings were made in 1990. I wanted to create a very economic workhorse typeface with low contrast. At that time (1990) the average Postscript typeface were quite lean and most of the first released Post Script fonts (hasty digitized drawings for phototypesetting) had very high contrast.
With this type design I wanted to give an answer to that.
The constructional approach was a big challenge for me and has been influenced by the character of the typefaces of Gerard Unger. Although in use it tastes more like Eric Gills Joanna but most of all like itself.
It is, by the way, one of the most economical (and still pleasantly readable) typefaces existing.


The Italian is a case on its own; partially a slanted Roman with some references to a cursive construction.
There still are some developments to complete this family. In 1997 I started on a series of Sans Serif fonts. In 1998 I began working on an Extra Bold version. Although nowadays most of the type labour is put into my share in the collection of OurType fonts.

Part of an advert in this Dutch Design Magazine Items.
Character overview.
Listen to the Farhill track Sheriff!
The place you can get FF Sheriff.

In Use

Used as corporate font for the Amsterdam Town Supervision.
Cover of a FontFont specimen in the FontFont Focus range.