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OT Versa Family


This typeface came into existence in the year 1993. It started as a display (italic) typeface until 1998 and was called Nardy until 2001. From then a roman came into existence and I decided to transform the typeface in a more regular (readable) textface.

Versa Sans

The sans version was born in 2001. It has been used in many ways and therefore it became a very mature type family.


The Versa is a pleasantly readable space saving typeface.

Comparing Times with Versa and Versa Condensed.


First sketch of the Versa

Drawing of the Versa on A4

Ourtype website

Publisher Ourtype

After a period of growth in more than ten years the typeface Versa, Versa Sans, Condensed and Sans Condensed are now available at OurType since april 2004.

OurType has a vision that is different from most other font companies. It publishes newly designed fonts that are tailored to contemporary needs. Yet it respects traditional values, and strives for the highest quality of product. So it stands equally apart from those who are enslaved to the new and those who merely try to recreate the past. OurType fonts are useful, durable and attractive tools for anyone using type now.
The place you can get Versa

Open Type PRO fonts are ready and available!


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