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Glass engraving

After visiting the workshop of David Kindersley and Lida Lopez Cardozo in October 1986, I felt inspired to find a way to materialize letters in a different dimension from paper. This visit, together with Just van Rossum, had a big impact on me: A new way of approaching letters. Letters were around everywhere and created a beautiful atmosphere.
Lida had written a book on glass engraving explaining a technique to apply letters on glass.
I also came across a book (Rosemary Sassoon, The practical Guide to Lettering and Applied Calligraphy, Thames and Hudson) with a lot of lettering work done by mostly British lettering artists.

Different result

Perhaps it is that I was looking for proof outside the environment of the Academy that type on itself is interesting enough to transform identity and bringing across a message.
Gerrit Noorzij who was teaching writing and type design showed us many ways to enjoy type but until then I never realised it that much.
I was looking for a way to do things well and beautifully and at the same time recognizable.

I bought a hobby drill and grabbed an empty peanut butter jar and took off.

First engraving in glass.
Present for Erik Spiekermann from Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam for his Frederik Muller Lecture.
Photo Stephan van der Linden
Applying the design on the iittala carafe.


Alphabet blocks.
Randverschijnselen, Grondbeginselen.
Fruit bowl.
Birthday plate.
Drawings for engraving.