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Transparent type on stainless steel

Lettering on the roof of the museum
Lettering above the entrance of the museum

Museum at the windy coast of Scheveningen

Museum at the coast road in Scheveningen, The Hague.
The building is designed by Wim Quist. The lettering is a stencil variant of Gill Sans Bold. In close collaboration with Reynoud Homan and Wim Quist.

Reynoud Homan designed the basic structure of the stencil cut Gill Sans.
Because the museum is at the coast, the lettering should be wind and salt proof. Architect of the building, Wim Quist created the grid related to the construction of the concrete to get maximum stability.
I did the refining of the design and assisted the production of the stainless steel letters.
Production: Van Dijk's apparatenfabriek, Linschoten.


Harteveltstraat 1, The Hague-Scheveningen.

Bird resting on a word space.
Mounting the letters onto the concrete wall.
Detail entrance lettering.