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Pictograms wayfinding Museum Hermitage, Amsterdam

Cut out pictograms with raised texts set in Gotham. Photo by Kim Zwarts.

Concept description wayfinding

The strict symmetrical, Dutch Classicist Amstelhof building, a former home for elderly women at the end of the seventeenth century, is refurbished into a tranquile and clear exhibition space by Hans van Heeswijk Architects and Merkx+Girod Architects. The wayfinding plan was designed to underline these qualities and blend into the overall design of the new museum Hermitage Amsterdam.
Typography is used in 3d on panels which are integrated in the interior architecture. Specialy designed symbols are cut out of these panels and designed to fit the typeface Gotham. The panels are hanging free from the walls and can intergrate displays. The colors are chosen to fit the tranquile architectural spaces and to make the signage one with the building and to be independent from graphic communication of changing exhibitions.

Designer: Reynoud Homan [typography; spatial design together with Merkx+Girod Architects, Hans van Heeswijk Architects]


Nieuwe Herengracht 14, Amsterdam.

Wayfinding panels. Photography by Kim Zwarts.