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Letters for sports hall Houtrust

Front with lettering.

Three applications

This project is divided by three different applications.
They main difference is place and technique.
For this project a complete series of caps has been designed.
Within a time span of two months from start I worked in collaboration with the architect of the building, Harm van Schie.
The building was officially opened at april 7 2006.

Name on the front

Light box with lettershapes taken out.
Size: 5 meter high.

Lettering Hall interior

Typography on the walls.
The words used are sporting expressions.
Letter size: 70 centimeter high.

Letter-picture wall piece

A photo typo piece on the wall at the sports cafe.
The history of the former building and its events is represented in the pictures.
Letter size: 70 centimeter high.

Detail lightbox.
Positioning the wooden stencils for the application of paint, done by Muntz painters.
Lettering on the walls of the hall.
Letters to be applied for the wall piece.
Houtrust Halls, 1952.
Princess Beatrix opens an exhibit in Houtrust Halls, 1972.