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Letters for entrances of blocks of flats

Entrance with lettering.

Four entrances

Given were the names of the four buildings of Vestia Housing Company.
The place and size and technique of the lettering surface was given by Otto Das Architects.


A semi transparent banister of fibre. The color of the letters is made by using LEDs (Light Emitting Diode).
In dialogue with Otto Das Architects the atmosphere of the letter shapes came into being.
Size: 670 x 84 cm.

Effect of upgrading

The entrances before the renovation had a gloomy atmosphere.
With the new entrances the buildings have clearly gained accessibility.
It has a positive influence on the quality of living for the inhabitants.


Stieltjesstraat, The Hague.

Different amount of letters, same word length.

Day time.
Night time.

Phoptography on this page by Remco Zwinkels.