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Rosbeek Typo Calender

Rosbeek is a printer from the south of Holland. For their quarto series of books they asked 12 typografical designers to design a double page.
Part of the project was to participate in an exhibition in Heerlen from December 1995 until Januari 1996.
Other colleagues who participated are: Bram de Does, Harry N. Sierman, Max Kisman, Piet Gerards, Fred Smeijers, Marie Cécile Noordzij, Karel Martens, Jaques Janssen, Reynoud Homan, Baer Cornet, Irma Boom and Gerard Unger.


It is a font

For these pages I designed a font with all the elements. With these elements the pages were built.

The characters of the Rosbeek font.

Invitation of the exposition in Gallery Signe, Heerlen.
Design by Piet Gerards.
Size 210 x 210 mm.
Sketch in watercolour.