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Steunpunt Wonen

Music for a commercial on AT5

Kasper Wensveen, a former student of the Royal Academy, called me if I was interested to create music for a commercial he was busy with.
The subject is youth housing. The commercial is ment to convince house owners to rent an empty room to a young person and get a tax bonus in reward.


The total time for broadcasting this commercial is thirty seconds.
Like with many assignments there was very little time. I had to find a way to get soon to the right atmosphere.
With a tape recorder I went to Amsterdam and recorded on the street and inside the University of Amsterdam.
I got the sound of the bells of the tram and wanted to combine this with the impression of a doorbell (not literally).
The subjects in the movie were not moving. Instead stills of texts and pictures were moving like shoving images.

Different versions

Based on different versions of the image sequences I made these versions for the music.
First idea Trying a collection of bell sounds in a minimal context.

Second idea Adding a marimba sound in a clearer musical context.

Third idea Trying a different density and character of sounds.

Fourth idea This is roughly the score for the final version. Too thin sounding.

Fifth idea Another version with a different melody in a more orchestral atmosphere.

Final version A match of version four and five together with the recorded sounds and with the latest version of the movie this is the final version.

Moving pictures by Kasper Wensveen

Snapshots from the commercial.