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Duettes 1980-1991

Together with a good friend Marco Schild I started to experiment with recording. Marco is specifically more interested in pushing the technical boundaries with equipment. So I learned a lot from him. His dad had a couple of tape recorders we could use.
My dad got me an AKAI 4000 DS taperecorder with Sound On Sound recording mode. With that you can layer recordings. The only disadvantages were:
1. Mono
2. It is not possible to redo recordings which are on the previous layers. So you have to be aware of the balance between the recorded instruments and also the more layers the more the previous layers start to sound muffled.
So it was important to record the more treble instruments first. Most of my last takes were taken in by the bass.

Taste of ice nice (MP3, 2:05, 2.4 MB) The piano part (Marco) is based on the song Ice Nice from Saga. This is a stereo recording done with two tape recorders.

Tulband live (MP3, 3:06, 3.6 MB)

This song I recorded with Lucas Blom. Lucas invented the weird lick.
We tried to get a live vibe (audience noise) and fooled some people that it was recorded live.

DIY Rap (MP3, 0:08, 172 KB)

With Marco Schild. Rhythm guitar based on Funky town of Lipps Inc. We created the drums by hitting stuff.

Rap Chic (MP3, 0:20, 412 KB)

At the time of this recording Nile Rodgers was an important producer (Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, David Bowie, Madonna). He had his own band called Chic with a signature guitar sound (next to producing he plays guitar). I tried to get a similar guitar sound to play the same part two times.

Overkill (MP3, 1:30, 1.7 MB)

By Lucas, Marco and myself. The instruments used were a Sequential Circuits Pro One and a guitar. A lot of overdubs have been made...
This is a good example showing 'more is less'.

Strengers (MP3, 2:47, 3.2 MB)

By Lucas and myself. Recorded in the closet studio of our music teacher Rob Strengers.
We were able to use his studio and equipment for an afternoon and this was the result. The song is influenced by the music of Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer.

Fruitsqueezin' demo (MP3, 0:27, 536 KB)

By Marco and myself. Using the Apple Macintosh for the drums. I played the bass guitar.

Two Photograms.