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Five Acres of Independence


Henk Lamers contacted me in januari 2003 if I wanted to do a music project together.
Henk sent me parts of semi finished songs.
I could do whatever I wanted with that material. Depending on what I heard and wanted to hear I complemented the songs (within a reasonable amount of time).

In the past I had a trainee post at the company Henk was working. That was the Research and Development department of Océ.
Because I was working on the book Dutch Type, 15 years later, I got into contact with him again and was surprised by the fact that he was making music as well.

Below you can click on the titles and the song starts to download so you can listen to it.

Supercharged (MP3, 6:10, 7.1 MB)

This (long) guitar solo was ment to be used for another song of Henk.
Henk ripped the seperate guitar tracks and melted a new product out of it with a solid background.

Cézanne Canvas (MP3, 3:51, 4.4 MB)

One of my favorite songs of this project.
Things turned out to be right in place.
In a recording situation you can be very lucky with things wich happen to be spontaneously. Like the guitar part wich is improvised (one of the first takes).

The Finest Grooves Of The Philippines (MP3, 3:30, 4 MB)

This song has a smooth dreamy Indian groove.
For the lead I played my fretless guitar with an Ebow, wich fits well in the spatial atmosphere Henk created.

Hungry Americans (MP3, 3:56, 4.5 MB)

This song starts in a sort of Reggae atmosphere and becomes much speedier near the end.
I decided to play a slightly distorted bass because the mix was already pretty dense.
Also a small guitar solo was added.

Pink Casita (MP3, 1:48, 2.1 MB)

This is more of a sound collage.
Recorded snippets of backward bass sounds and insubstantial swelling guitar sounds wich matches well with Henk his orchestra samples.
The final bass note had to be there.

Full Room Vision (MP3, 2:52, 3.3 MB)

When I listened to this composition from Henk it gave me an under water like impression.
I used an unusual right hand technique by pressing the strings down with my fingertips. Sometimes the string is pushed against the pick ups on the guitar and you get this high beeps.

Images by Jeanne de Bont

These beautiful rendered pictures are created by Jeanne de Bont, Henks's partner (in crime).