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Triple headstock jam

Bosch Racing

Early 2007 I met Wouter Bosch.
Who is an autodidact guitarist with a humoristic and technical approach. He shreds!
He set up two backing tracks where he, another guitar freak Shakeel an me played a few solos on.


Wouter created the backing tracks fusing an individual bass track and a drumtrack from his sample library.
Everyone got a couple of solo's of specific lengths, in time measures, at different places all over the backing track.
Shakeel and me sent our individual solo's and Wouter pasted them in on top of the backing in seperate tracks.

A solo (MP3, 0:26, 704 KB) My last solo for jam II.

Jam 01

Recorded in an early weekend in March 2007.

Triple Headstock Jam I (MP3, 03:43, 5.1 MB)

Jam 02

Recorded in the last weekend in March 2007.

Triple Headstock Jam II (MP3, 02:53, 2.6 MB)