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Dutch type designers band

Jan Middendorp, the author of the book Dutch Type, was organising the presentation of the book wich took place at De Toneelschuur in Haarlem.
He had the idea to form a band with contributers (type designers) of the book as the band members.
At first I did not like the idea because nobody in the audience would be interested in this. Not much later I became enthousiastic because some of the people who wanted to do it were more or less relatives to me so that sounded good.


After some phonecalls and emails we arranged a rehearsal in Musicon The Hague. Henk Lamers and Jeanne de Bont had some interesting material (image and sound) from the Technical Museum Evoluon wich is closed since 1989.

Henk had a soundfile of the voice from a spoken guide (Gidofoon) wich took you through the museum. This became soon our lead and guide in time.

Wolfraam has its own website for more info. You can see the logo's from the other band members on the Wolfraam site.

Song selection

Wolfraam met Gidofoon (MP3, 2:41, 3.1 MB) Recorded at our first rehearsal for our first gig.

Bredaap (MP3, 4:02, 4.6 MB) This track was recorded at our weekend recording session in De Boulac, November 2004 Belgium.


Wolfraam at the presentation of Dutch Type 2004.
Donald Beekman
Henk Lamers
Donald Roos
Just van Rossum
Peter Verheul