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Solo Projects 1980-1990


This is just a small selection of the things I recorded in these years.

Amgfe (MP3, 1:28, 1.7 MB) This chord pattern makes it easy to solo over.
The mode is C major (all the white keys on the piano). I cheated a bit with the speed of the lead guitar wich is recorded at half speed.

Cactus Ahoy! (MP3, 2:24, 2.8 MB) Also in this song the lead guitar is sped up.
With additional noises from a sound record.

Stranglin' blues (MP3, 2:19, 2.7 MB) First recorded the sounds from the record and then recorded the guitars.
The last time I sped up the guitar!

Pot of porri (MP3, 1:40, 1.9 MB) Part of the music is played with a borrowed small Casio keyboard with preset drum patterns.

Malmrock (MP3, 2:15, 2.6 MB) With a big wink to Yngwie Malmsteen who released his Rising Force album at the time.

Smooth 3/4 (MP3, 1:08, 1.3 MB) Much mellower than the previous track. Just two guitars.


AKAI 4000 DS Tapedeck, very useful.
On the right: my first guitar, a nylon string Yamaha classical guitar. On the left: My first electric guitar I got from Rob Strengers, music teacher.
Imitation Telecaster Custom.
Together with a VOX transistor amplifier it was my first set up.