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Solo Projects 1992-1997

Guitaxed Zip Zap

This tape captures a collection of different music styles with the focus on the guitar.

Guitaxed Zip Zap cassette.
Click the image to hear the music!

Guitar to synth

This series of songs are sonicly build with synth sounds driven by playing the guitar connected to the Roland Guitar Synth unit.

Trumpo (MP3, 3:08, 3.6 MB)
Playing the trumpet with the guitar.
Trying to hit the right notes with the right intonation.

Trumpo Redone (MP3, 3:28, 4.0 MB) Same composition as the previous one but with some changes in the instrumentarium.

Smoked Fog (MP3, 1:36, 1.8 MB) Ambient!

Dancenight Restarted (MP3, 2:27, 2.8 MB) A song with a happy end.

Ouverturesque (MP3, 5:19, 6.1 MB)
The whole song is recorded in one go.
Recording the Roland Guitar Synthesizer and the amplified guitar at once.

Wicked (MP3, 4:24, 5.1 MB)
In the beginning it sounds a bit boring but it grows to the end.

Joyride to India (MP3, 2:58, 3.4 MB) Playing tablas and a fretless bass on the guitar.


From 1992 I got a new recording tool.
A four track cassetterecorder.

Four track cassette recorder.

The sound quality was much better than I was used to. Less noise, stereo, double speed, equalizer; it all was an improvement.
From this moment a drumcomputer made the possibilities even better.

Drum computer.

Guitar Synthesizer

The Guitar Synthesizer made it possible to get a much broader sound palette.
Using midi to create music using software on the Mac.
Guitar synthesizer.