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Solo Projects 1998-2004

More software, less hardware

Finally the computer enters my musical playground.
Recording directly on the harddisk is possible with different software packages. Emagic Logic Silver was the software I have been using until 2002 when I started to use Digi 001 from Digidesign with Pro Tools LE.

Piano music

Some compositions written in Logic and played via midi on a synthesizer.

Pianoloco (MP3, 2:23, 2.7 MB) Sober at the beginning, more joyful at the end.

Turnmill (MP3, 2:49, 3.2 MB) Piano drums duette.
It is just so much fun to make this!

FreeMiniJasz (MP3, 1:13, 1.4 MB) Another piano drums duette.

Farhill Tracks

Swung (MP3, 5:34, 6.4 MB) Featuring Bob Nieuwenhuysen on tenor saxophone.

Afterbeat (MP3, 0:55, 1.1 MB) Playing with samples; cutting and pasting.

Xamilc (MP3, 3:54, 2.7 MB) Starting slow and quiet, getting faster and busy at the end.
Featuring Bob Nieuwenhuysen on tenor saxophone.

Blasee (MP3, 2:18, 3.2 MB) This song is built along Bob's improvisation.
Featuring Bob Nieuwenhuysen on tenor saxophone.

New tools

Software package.

NYC09112001 (MP3, 0:28, 564 KB) I made this sound collection in reaction to the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York.
The sounds of the airplanes and the collapsing buildings were done on the guitar.

Terhorror (MP3, 1:25, 1.6 MB) An attempt to create some fearful music.

Shipwrecked (MP3, 1:12, 1.4 MB) To give expression to the feeling of being powerless.

Click the image to my interpretations of some Christmas carols!

Jingle (MP3, 0:06, 136 KB) An early morning good news channel jingle. Fiction, off course.

Snaplock (MP3, 1:15, 1.4 MB) Guitar percussion duette.
Two handed tapping on on the neck.
This song was put on the Five Acres of Independence double disk.

ZZZtuk (MP3, 3:48, 4.4 MB) Late night ambient.
A water filled bucket as instrument.
This song was also put on the Five Acres of Independence double disk.