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Solo Projects 2005-now

More playing, less recording

The music has to be very interesting to record...
A writers block occured. Reflective period. Luckily there has been some Wolfraam collaborative sessions.
Spend some time to reanimate old four track tape recordings and remaster them.

Song for Kees

November 9th 2005 my dad died.
I recorded this song for his funeral.
Song for Kees (MP3, 2:05, 2.4 MB)


Keyhole (MP3, 3:18, 3.8 MB)
This song was part of a FontShop designers music CD. Which was released at TypoBerlin 2007.

ProgRock experiments

Programming drums with Addictive Drums of XLN Audio.
With this starting point the rest of the instruments were added.
Bass guitar recorded with Bass POD. Soft synthesizer plug in sounds executed with guitar via Axon AX 100 mkII.


Experimenting with many sounds in a short song.
Hefty (MP3, 1:46, 2 MB)


Experimenting with the style of the band UK.
Ukish (MP3, 1:23, 1.6 MB)

Experiments, may 2010

Using Logic Express.
This application has so many possibilities. Using the Multiac to Axon for midi input.
Trying out the different software synths and loops.


Improvisation becomes structure. Dreamy, medium dark atmosphere.
Nylon strings are not only good for fishing. Night drive (MP3, 4:13, 6.8 MB)


Improvisation becomes melody.
Have to create more of this type of music. Dribble (MP3, 1:54, 3.1 MB)

Exhibition designed by Bertjan Pot.

Connecting Concepts Exhibit Music

Just finished the soundtrack for a traveling exhibition about concepts behind a series of differing Dutch Designs.
The exhibition is curated by Ed van Hinte. The shown designs share a range of processes which connects the different disciplines.
From Fashion to Airplane Design and from Type Design to a Sand Engine.
The exhibition will be traveling for two years from India, China, Germany and finally at the end of 2012 in The Netherlands.

The soundtrack

Eighteen different instrumental songs in 60 minutes total.
Ambient soundscapes build on Dutch environmental sounds. Rain, wind, changing tides, birds, windmills, a merry go round, ice skating, cycling.
Thanks to Rob Strengers for adding fizzy tenor sax melodies. Below you can listen to a collage of the songs.


CC soundtrack teaser

Other contributors are:
Graphic Design: Joost Grootens with Christiaan Drost, Darja Spanily, Tine van Wel.
Technical assistant: Floor Koppenaal.
Projectmanagement: Lisette Schmetz.
Production: Chris van Bronkhorst, Kim van der Voorden.
In cooperation with National Institute of Design.
Made possible by DutchDFA and Premsela.