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Guitaxed Zip Zap


Recently I digitized the tape recordings from the early nineties.
So some tape hiss is audible.
The order of the tracks I kept unchanged.
A bonus track has been added.

1 Lotto Balls (MP3, 3:07, 3.6 MB)

The title refers to the kind of smooth fusion played at the background of a weekly lottery on Dutch television.

2 C-you B-low (MP3, 2:49, 3.2 MB)

With a big wink to ZZ Top and maybe a bit Aerosmith.

3 Frill (MP3, 2:49, 3.2 MB) 3:12

A difficult time measure (13/4) based on the staccato riff.

4 Fruitsqueezin (MP3, 4:02, 4.6 MB)

Like more songs from this collection I find the tempo a little bit too slow.
The wammy bar was at this time a favorite expression tool.
The song ends with a typical guitar duel.

5 Wait a minute (MP3, 2:02, 2.3 MB)

While changing strings I recorded these sloppy guitar parts.
Imagine Tom Waits singing on this track wich will fit well.

6 Zip Zap (MP3, 3:50, 4.4 MB)

Title song.
With some stunts using the whammy bar. Tapping included.

7 Swingerfield (MP3, 3:20, 3.8 MB)

Inspired by the music of John Scofield.
Before I owned a bass guitar I used an Boss Octaver with guitar. I tried to get the impression of a trio playing at once.
The bonus song Scocotuna is related to Scofield as well.

8 Snap to point (MP3, 1:43, 2.0 MB)

Fast! Two guitars and a drumkit.

9 Grid off (MP3, 2:53, 3.3 MB)

This is a slow rock ballad.

10 Smiles (MP3, 1:42, 2.0 MB)

This is a mix of two themes by Miles Davis. You're Under Arrest and Jean Pierre.
Trying out a wahwah footpedal and the slap bass style.

11 The Sheriff (MP3, 1:24, 1.6 MB)

Inspired by country guitar style and diminished chords.
At the time I was working on a typeface called Sheriff.

12 Scocotuna (MP3, 2:36, 3.0 MB)

Bonus Song!
While listening to the tapes of this project I recovered this loosely played song with a nearly live vibe.
Maybe not perfectly executed to be a final song.

Played, programmed, recorded, mixed and produced by Peter Verheul.