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Curriculum Vitae

Peter Verheul

Born in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands in the year 1965.

Studied Graphic- and Typographic Design from 1984–1989 at the Royal Academy of Fine and Applied Arts (KABK) in The Hague.

Since september 1991 I started teaching type design at The Royal Academy for Fine and Applied Arts (KABK) in The Hague.

Started my own studio in 1996. My main focus is on type related work.

Before this I got my design experience at the following places:

Peter Matthias Noordzij, Hurwenen 1988 Working drawings for the production of the Linotype PMN Caecilia.

Océ Research and development, Venlo 1988 Bitmap font editing for 520 dpi laserprinter.

Studio Tint, The Hague 1988 Graphic Design.

Banks and Miles, London 1988-1989 Type related work.

Monotype Corporation, Salfords 1989 Experience in different fields of type production.

Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens, 1991–1995 Corporate Identity, Graphic- and Typographic Design, illustrations.

During this period (1991-1995) I spent most of my free time working on my own type projects and doing graphic design for my own clients.

Family portrait, Volendam 1976.
PMN Caecilia production.
Halfbitting Oranda at Océ.
Checking ulano cuts at Banks and Miles.

List of clients

010 Publishers
Niels Barends muziek
Bijzondere Collecties UVA
De Roos Foundation
Endochters BV
Studio Dumbar
Euromodel BV
Mona Lisa
Bob Nieuwenhuysen
Studio Schrofer
SUMO Design
Raad van State
Studio van Waert
Triodos Bank
Weather Report Foundation
Kasper Wensveen dm